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My name is Karl and I have been investing for over a decade. In this time I have learnt a lot and become a lot wiser.

I'm not yet a millionaire, but I am on track with my goal of retiring considerably earlier than most. This is all thanks to my investments.

What can I do for you?

I blog here about my experiences, both good and bad so you can learn from my mistakes, so you can avoid them. I have also put together many indepth tutorials to help you learn how to buy stocks successfully over the long term.

In my time as an investor I have dealt with many different stock brokers, some have been good, others not so good. This puts me in a position to talk to you about the many different brokers and how to pick one that best suits your needs. Our goal of course is to buy stocks to make a profit, not to make greedy brokers rich.

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How Much Income Do You Need To Be Upper Class?

Although some people believe economic status is overrated; many people want to know how much income you need to be considered part of the upper class. Poorer people typically earn less than $30,000 per year while lower middle class individuals have incomes estimated at ranging from $30,000-60,000. Based on the testimonials of Dr. Leonard Beeghley, […]

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What Are Money Market Accounts and How Do They Work?

Money market accounts aren’t new, nor are they particularly complicated or restricted (in fact, virtually every sizable financial institution offers one), but for some reason most people still do not know a lot about them. Instead, other asset classes steal their thunder, classes like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exotic instruments like exchange-traded funds, and even […]

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What About Monthly Dividend Stocks?

Most companies that pay dividends do so on a quarterly basis. Others pay semi-annually or annually. For those investors that require a monthly income for budgeting purpose, this would seem to rule dividend stocks out of the list of options for creating income, leaving the poorer rates of cash savings accounts, certain fixed income products, […]

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