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What About Monthly Dividend Stocks?

Most companies that pay dividends do so on a quarterly basis. Others pay semi-annually or annually. For those investors that require a monthly income for budgeting purpose, this would seem to rule dividend stocks out of the list of options for creating income, leaving the poorer rates of cash savings accounts, certain fixed income products, […]

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Can you Make a Living off Dividends?

Most financial planners argue that a person in retirement should withdraw four percent of his portfolio each year, and this will be by a combination of income from bonds and capital from stocks. This rule is designed to provide longevity to income, providing regular ‘income’ to the retiree. However, with yields from treasury bonds now […]

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Rising Dividend Stocks: Creating income, securing growth

Many investors want to create an income from their investments, perhaps to meet the expenses of everyday life, pay for a child’s education, or meet mortgage payments without reducing capital. Other investors look for capital growth, but want to achieve this with a cautious outlook. Often, fixed income investments are recommended to these investors. Cash […]

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